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  • What's your style?
    I want to capture who you are and your love story. Your true self, natural and happy. That's why, I tend not to give many directions. On the day, I may share some simple tips to help make things smooth and easy. I like to think I have the power to disappear behind the camera and be a thief of smiles and tears (of joy).
  • Can you take photos too?
    Short answer: No, I don't. Long answer: I'm a videographer and my camera and brain are set up to take videos. Photo and video may seem similar, in fact, nowadays the same cameras are used for both, but the format and the way to work is completely different. I can recommend Photographers that I've worked with. I would never send you to a professional I wouldn't hire myself so don't hesitate to ask for advice whether or not you choose me as your videographer.
  • What's included in the Wedding Packs?
    For both packs, The ONE and The Little One, I'll be with you almost all day, from preparations before the ceremony to one hour after the dance starts. The ONE includes 2 videographers, myself and one of my favourite camera operator (really, he is awesome!). You'll receive a long chronological video (around 25 minutes) with all that happened on your Wedding Day. Also, you'll get 1 highlights video and an SNS video to share with your friends and family or the world! Finally, full speeches, so you don't miss a word of your most important people. During the editing process I'll show you a pre-final version, so you can make the changes you like. The Little One, includes 2 videographers, myself and the most awesome camera operator. You'll receive a little chronological video (around 10 minutes) with important moments of your Wedding Day. Also, you'll get a shorter SNS video to share with everyone! During the editing process I'll show you a pre-final version, so you can make the changes you like.
  • Do you just make Wedding Videos?
    I also work for brands, entrepreneurs and personal projects. Making video and/or photography. You can check my work at the COMMERCIAL page. For couples, I also provide Save the Date, proposals, reels, interviews, couple session (pets welcome),... Anything that can be shoot with a camera.
  • Do we need 2 videographers?
    For video, I highly recommend hiring 2 videographers. We can’t be in two places at the same time, yet. For example, during the speeches, we need to be focusing on the speech, but we also want to get the reactions. One of the differences between photo and video is that the later need more time to capture the moment, is not an instant but an action that we are looking for. That takes a few seconds, so, having 2 videographers, makes it easy not to miss any detail.
  • Do you deliver the camera raw files?
    I don't give the camera raw files. Those are my ingredients to make the final dish. The files need to be cut and seasoned before delivery.
  • When and how do you send the edited video?
    Usually, it takes around 3 months after the Wedding. I will send you a link where you can download the videos in high quality. Then, you can make as many copies as you want. The videos can also be uploaded to Vimeo. Then, you’ll receive a password so you can share it with your friends and family. If you’d like to receive a customized USB, I can also do it for you. It has a cost of 50€/unit + shipping.
  • Do you work outside Catalonia?
    I'll go anywhere you want. I love travelling and flying, airports are my second home.
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