Flying like a dragonfly, living like a fox

Curiosity leads my path. That's where the "living like a fox" comes from. Foxes are such amazing creatures! I've found them in the wild nature and walking around the city. Magical in some cultures, wise and curious. Foxes adapt to any environment, keeping their own uniqueness. Foxes are fascinating and my reference on living! (and also fluffy and cute ^^ I can't say that from myself)


"Flying like a dragonfly". I value freedom more than anything else. Freedom to love, freedom to live, freedom to create, freedom to be curious and freedom of movement. Have you every seen how dragonflies fly? Precise and energetic movements. In Japan is said that, where dragonflies fly, there's going to be a good harvest. So, it doesn't matter where I go, I will always put my energy and my (sometimes annoying) perfectionism into it.


There's much more I could tell about my life and, of course, my job as a videographer, but wouldn't be better to get to know each other having a coffee or a nice cup of matcha? Hope to meet you soon!