Hi! hajimemashite!

Flying like a dragonfly, living like a fox

Curiosity leads my path. From Barcelona to Bristol, later to Japan, and now back again to Europe. What moves me are the lives of people I encounter. Would you tell me your story? I'll happily listen to it and maybe we could make a movie.


I value freedom more than anything else. Freedom to love, freedom to live, freedom to create, freedom to be curious and freedom of movement. And, it doesn't matter where I go, just with a camera and a laptop, I will always put my energy and my (sometimes annoying) perfectionism into telling stories.


There's much more I could tell about my life and, of course, my job as a videographer, but wouldn't be better to get to know each other having a coffee or a nice cup of tea? Hope to meet you soon!


I think it is necessary to talk about pekopekovegan. It's more like a personal project than a professional one but it's, without a doubt, one of my biggest passions.

I see beauty, creativity and love in the act of cooking. Sometimes it's almost cience and you would say you are in a lab and sometimes it feels like being at home with your granny singing old songs while the pot is calmly boiling. 

PekopekoVegan was born to share easy recipes and create a new bond inside the vegan community in Japan. So, I invite you to check @pekopekovegan instagram to know a bit more about me.

Professional Videographer, Passionate Chef.